Avoid the hammer effect

If water pressure is building up in your pipes, it can treat the joints like a hammer treats a nail - repeatedly beating against the joints of your pipes until they burst. Don't let this happen to you - make an appointment for your Preventative Maintenance Inspection today!

Is your water running?

Do you notice an intermittent faucet drip, or your toilet running occasionally without you using it? This could be a sign of water pressure-induced problems in your pipes. If you're noticing these signs, call us today - 


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High water pressure might feel good in the shower, but it's not always a good thing for your pipes. The maximum recommended water pressure for a residence is 70 psi - do you know how to find your pressure gauge, or how to read it? If not, let DC Pumps help you! Make sure your water pressure regulator is working properly, to avoid costly damage down the line.

$79 Preventative Maintenance Inspection!
​Don't wait for a headache to check your water pressure - email us today!

Optimize your water pressure

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Preventative maintenance is key

Get a COMPLETE Water System Preventative Maintenance Inspection and Tuneup for ONLY $79 when you call DC Pumps! We'll check you water pressure and pump voltage, and make sure your holding tank and control box are fully functional. Contact us today for more information!